There are moments when I get inexplicably moved.

Like a tidal wave the emotion appears so suddenly that it can steal my breath…

It can be a cloud in a clear sky, a branch or a simple leaf on a tree, a child playing, a mother passing by with her children, a gesture, a word, a music, a memory… in sum… anything and everything!

Today it was the vision of a young man walking in a sort of “clumsy way”, with a backpack, on the side of the road.


I can only say that the random thoughts came in chain and when I realised I was wiping the tears and trying to “shake” the feeling, to exit that register…

I could blame menopause’s hormonal changes for it but the truth is I’ve always been an endless source of emotions to the skin.

It’s in my matrix this intense way of feeling that is both a blessing and a curse that so often astonishes or confuses those around me.

“Drama queen”, “exaggerated” are just some of the descriptions I frequently hear and if at times they hurt me nowadays they only make me shrug because I couldn’t care less…

Would I like to be different?


But I remember, many years ago, a friend asking me:” If you had to choose between feeling pain or nothing at all, what would you choose? to which I replied, without hesitation, “To feel pain!” because even then I was already aware that what’s important is to feel, pain or pleasure but to feel, always….


Let them come, I’ll welcome them with open arms!

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