Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Still barely awake I turn on the tap for my morning shower and, as I turn around, I come across the mirror and the reflexion of a body that had never truly pleased me but that, in the last years, had largely contributed to the decline of my self-esteem.

I grimaced in disgust and, frustrated, walked into the shower and ran the curtain trying not to let discouragement mark the beginning of the day.

Choosing an outfit would follow – yet another daily battle to which I should already be accustomed and that almost always ended with a shrug as if to say “Screw it. It could be worse…”

I know the theory to boost self-esteem, the mantras that, if repeated regularly, will help us shift our focus and start to really accept and appreciate our image. “I am beautiful! I love my body! I love myself!…”

Easier said than done but, when I remember it, I do it.

In the meantime I make the decision to not only accept but to seek to transform.

Exercise (argh…) and nutricional reeducation will be on the agenda and I hope the results will match the effort.

Healthy mind in a healthy body is the goal!

Once achieved I believe that the morning rituals will no longer end with a shrug and words of resignation but with a wink and a “Damn, I look amazing!”

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