I came to the beach to feel the wet sand on my feet and to breathe the air smelling of sea.

I came to re-energise, to unload negative energies and to connect to the earth.

There are days, like today, when I feel like I’m suffocating within myself as if I were drowning in a feeling I cannot define but that seems too big and too intense for me to carry inside.

To look for answers that we know can only be found within us can be overwhelming.

It is said that “ignorance is bliss” and, in moments like this, it is so freaking true…

It’s just that, too often, the answers we find are not the easiest to fit in the life we’re living.

Quite the opposite…

They force us to understand that this feeling that is smothering us is, frequently, the refuse to accept some of those answers for they will most likely entirely change a path defined long ago and that we, more or less comfortably, have gotten used to following.

To conquer the fear in order to accept that change is necessary and to decide to act is not easy but today I read a sentence that said something around these lines “A bird, when it’s landing, does not fear that the branch might be too weak to sustain it because it trusts its wings”.

So it shall be…

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